Amazing cave – The Cave of Canelobre, Busot, Costa Blanca, Spain

This one – is amazing, the largest and deepest cave in Spain, a must see attraction! So impressive and very beautiful nature masterpiece, with fantastic illumination, when I saw it first I was speechless for few minutes and I did not want to leave that place.

When you are visiting the Cave of Canelobre it feels like you walked in to a huge geode, full of stalagmites, stalactites and crystals that you can observe from the balcony. The cavern is so large that it provides perfect acoustics for concerts and shows which take place quite often within the cave. There are stairs from the balcony to the bottom of the chamber, so we walked down and then up again and enjoyed a closer view of the cave’s creations. The guide speaks Spanish and English which was very useful.

Cave the entrance to Cuevas de Canelobre in the mountaine, tickets and souvenir shop

The entrance to the cave

Cave of Canelobre in Busot not far from Alicante, amazing views from the mountain

Panoramic view from the mountain

Useful information:

Cave the view from Cuevas de Canelobre balconyAddress: town – Busot (drive to the town and then follow the signs for Cuevas de Canelobre)
The Cave of Canelobre located between Alicante (about 40min drive) and Benidorm (50min drive) in the Cabeco D’Or Mountain (about 700 m high). There is a balcony outside where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the countryside, a small picnic area on the site, café and a souvenir shop.
Phone – 96 569 92 50 / 679 669 852

16th September – 30th June
10:30am – 16:50pm
10:30am – 17:50pm (weekends)
1st July – 15th September
10:30am – 19:30pm

Adults: 5Euro


Official site: Cuevasdecanelobre

Unfortunately there are no photos or videos are allowed in the Cueva de Canelobre, so below you can find the information and photos of cave I took from the walls before entering the cave:

the cave of canelobre near Alicanter and BenidormCave the Cuevas de Canelobre great attraction for tourists on hoilday or vacationThe Cave of Canelobre opens out at a height of 700 meters in altitude on the western face of the Cabeco d’Or. Inside these mountains there are other cavities sucha as the Cova de les Granotes, with an itinerary of 350 meters, the Cova del Raco de Seva, the Cova del Marques and I’Avenc del Marques, with a depth of 115meters.
The Cave of Canelobre was formed in limestone rock during the late Jurassic and early Cretaceous periods (from 120 – 150 million years ago). There are of tectonic origins, related to the same processes responsible for the current configuration of the area due to underground forces. The slow dissolution of the rock progressed downwards into the mountain giving rise to the large gallery that can be visited today as well as a sinkhole that extends further downwards.
Cave of Canelobre a great sightseeing for tourists on hoilday or vacationThe Cave of Canelobre has the shape of a single large gallery. It runs upward from the mouth of the cave and then slopes down into a sinkhole that bores into the mountain. It has a maximum depth of 75 meters. A large number of stalactites are hanging from the roof some of them are over 12 meters.
There is no record of any prehistoric use of the cave.
Cave the Cuevas de Canelobre great day out near Alicante and Benidorm, wha to do, where to go, wha to seeThe current entrance to the Cave of Canelobre along an artificial tunnel leads directly to a balcony overlooking the large inner gallery measuring 45 meters in height, 45 meters in length and 35 meters in width, producing a sensation of spaciousness. Following this initial impression of the cave the tourist’s route measuring about 175 meters in length enables visitors to appreciate the varied concretions along the itinerary. Of note is the profusion of large stalactites hanging from the roof and almost meeting their corresponding stalagmites. Their shapes are reminiscent of candles (canelobre in Spanish) and have therefore given the name to the cave. There are numerous examples of flow-stone produced by running water, some of which have been broken off and subsequently re-crystallised. On the walls one can see the delicate helictites close to the formation known as I’Orgue. A grand column measuring over25 meters in height joins the floor to the natural vault roof and helps to give visitors an overview of the dimensions of the gallery.

Map it

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