Chocolate for Easter Sunday, what’s in the shops, Spain.

Today I went to the shops to buy some chocolate for Easter Sunday and I took some photos of what is in the Spanish shops prepared for this Easter.

Chocolate for Easter celebration in Europe

Chocolate chickens ( in Alcampo)

Chocolate figures for Easter celebration in Spain

Chocolate figures ( in Tano cafe Denia)

Chocolate chicken with the eggs for Easter 2012 in Spanish shops

Chocolate chicken with the eggs ( in Alcampo)

Chocolate bunnies for Easter Sunday 2012 you can buy in Lidl shop in Denia Spain

Chocolate Bunnies (in Lidl)

Usually Easter celebrated with eggs because the egg is a symbol of the start of new life. And in Russia we celebrate Easter (which is the next week) with colored chicken eggs then in England we celebrate Easter with chocolate eggs, so as in Spain.

Chocolate Easter eggs for celebration in 2012in Spain

Easter eggs (1kg for 9.99Euro Alcampo)

Chocolate eggs for sale in the shop of Alicante in Spain, Costa Blanca for Easter Sunday

Easter chocolate eggs ( in Alcampo)

Chocolate eggs for Easter celebration, in christian religion, Spain

Easter eggs ( in Tano cafe Denia)

Yes, I do celebrate Easter 2 times a year (1st with chocolate eggs, 2nd with chicken eggs; it is very rear when both Easter celebrations are at the same time) and when I’m in England I would normally buy my favourite Cadbury creme chocolate eggs for Easter Sunday, unfortunately I could not find it here in Spain so I had to buy something different, but I like to try new things anyway :-)

Easter Sunday, chocolate celection, bunnies and eggs for celebration in Spain

Prepared for Easter Sunday


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  1. Svetlana says:

    Шоколадная продукция очень даже аппетитненькая, цены тоже ОК. Jan, Thank you! Till we meet again ;-) ))

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