Tel Aviv Israel – The trip to the City That Never Sleeps

Tel Aviv IsraelOn the 8th of September 2012 we flew to Tel Aviv Israel. It’s one of the biggest cities in Israel and one of the popular tourist destinations in the Middle East. Tel Aviv is a very modern and quite expensive city, it’s dynamic and it’s “the city that never sleeps”. On the streets you can see many people with “hot” looking bodies who stays up all night. So many things you can do in Tel Aviv, it has everything you may wish for -  sun, heat, sea, great beaches, shops, clubs, bars, restaurants… and if that is not enough there are many museums, architectural and cultural sites too.


Last time we went to Israel three years ago (in spring 2008) and spent a month in Tel Aviv. We had few tours around Israel and learnt a bit about the country and its people. I really liked Israel and glad that we had a chance to go back again. This time we came back for our friend’s wedding and decided to spend most of our time on the beach, so we did.

A bit about our trip to Tel Aviv, Israel. We flew here from Moscow, Russia, with Russian airline – Transaero. It is a direct flight and it was pleasant and had no delays. The aircraft was OK, no free entertainment though but the service was very good and food was not too bad. International airport Vnukovo (where we flew from) was also very  nice, I think the terminal we flew from was either new or just renovated so it was not much to do there and there were not many comfortable seats but the floors were very shiny and super clean :-)

In Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv the border control was pretty fast. After few simple questions like – what is the purpose of our visit and for how long we are going to stay in Israel we were free to go. They do not stamp the passport, but the officer gives you a paper with the stamp, don’t give it away, keep it, because you might be asked for it on the way back if you will wish to do a VAT reclaim (I’ll write about it later). So, after passport control we looked for a taxi, and found it outside the building. From the airport to Tel Aviv (Isrotel tower, 78 Hayarkon st. ) is about 20 minutes by taxi and cost us on Saturday night around 250NIS (shekels) at that time about $70 on the way back (on 20th September, Thursday) it only cost us 150NIS (about $35). By the way, if you don’t have shekels to pay for the taxi they would except dollars but the change would be in shekels.

We checked in into our apartment, unpacked the bags and had a quiet night :-)

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To be continued…

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