My New Year 2013 Celebration in Russia

Happy New Year 2013, my friends! Today, I’d like to write about how I celebrated New Year 2013. For many Russians it’s a family event and I also try to celebrate New Year’s Day with my family so this New Year 2013 I celebrated  with my family in Russia.

Our celebration started with the dinner on December 31 at 11:30 pm. Earlier for our meal we cooked some traditional Russian dishes made with meat and fish, also we made some salads and snacks.

Meat Jelly

Meat Jelly (xолодец – Holodec) with horseradish (хрен- Chren) very popular Russian dish for the New Year’s day  celebration

Fish dish

Fish cooked in a foil

Mushrooms and squash caviar

Mushrooms and squash caviar

Salad Olivier

Traditional salad “Olivier” (Оливье). Famous and very popular dish in Russia for the New Year’s Day celebration, made with eggs, sausage, green pies, potatoes, gherkins and mayonnaise.

chicken and potatoes

Chicken with potatoes and red sweet peppers

According to the Chinese calender New Year 2013 is the year of the Snake, so we made a salad which looks like a snake.

Salad snake

Salad “Snake”. Made with fish, cheese, eggs, potatoes, corn, gherkins, olives and mayonnaise

We served our table with food and drinks and started celebration with toasts for old year 2012 (so that all bad things stay in the previous year and do not carry over).

New Year 2013

Our table with food for New Year 2013 Celebration.

Our TV was on and in just few minutes before the midnight Russian president Vladimir Putin  gave a small speech in which he greeted everyone with “Happy New Year 2013″.

Vladimir Putin Russian president

Russian president – Vladimir Putin on TV (channel Russia 1)

And the main celebration started right after the Kremlin chimes ring out 12 times, which we also watched on TV.

the Kremlin clock

The Kremlin Clock

We had our dinner with champagne and many toasts for the New Year 2013! Many people came to our local square where Christmas tree has been erected and continued celebrations with fireworks, dancing and singing.

local square where Christmas tree has been erected

Local square with Christmas tree, New Year 2013, January 1st, few minutes after midnight

We were celebrating all night and went to sleep yearly in the morning. On January 1st the rest of my family came over and we continued New Year celebration together with dinner, drinks, many toasts and opening the presents.

New Year celebration Cake

Cake for New Year’s Day celebration (made by local confectioners)

Symbol of New Year 2013

The Snake – the symbol of New Year 2013

Where and how did you celebrate New Year’s Day?

Happy New Year Song
Family, friends and colleagues, too.
May this new year be your best yet,
Happiness the whole year through.

Let’s all join to lift our glasses
In a toast to everyone.
To the old year now behind us,
To the new year, just begun.

(Repeat first verse)

By Joanna Fuchs

 Happy New Year 2013!

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7 Responses to My New Year 2013 Celebration in Russia

  1. Svetlana says:


  2. Andrea says:

    Thank you for sharing your feast photos here – looks like it was a wonderful celebration! I am dying to explore Russia – for me it is one of the most fascinating countries on earth…we were hoping to work there via John’s job next year but it hasn’t come to fruition so far…

  3. All of that food looks so amazing! Almost making me forget I am too sick to eat right now! Happy new year!

  4. What exactly is meat jelly? I know nothing about russian food but it looks very interesting as I am a lover of food. Is it a hot or cold dish? Jelly sounds cold but the name cold be misleading.
    All the dishes look quite nice, feel free to leave me a recipe for one of them if you can, the fish in foil looks lovely. Happy New Year to you.

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