Old Houses Pictures. Russia, Saratov

“Old Houses Pictures” in Saratov, Russia.

In my home town Saratov, Russia mostly every where you go, nearly on every street, you will find some very old wooden houses. Soon, all of them will be gone, but for today people still live in most of them. There are so many old houses in Saratov that I need few days to take pictures of them, so next time I’ll try to do that but for now I only have some photos and here they are:

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Old House picture

Old House Picture

Old Houses Pictures

Very colorful old house.

Old Houses Pictures

Abandoned Old House.

Wooden house in Russia

Old Wooden House

Russian wooden Houses

Old House with shutters

Old Houses Photos

old houses pictures

Russian old break house

Russian old houses in winter and snow

Wooden old houses photo images

Old Houses Pictures

photos old houses in Russiaold houses photo imagesold house image

Thank you for browsing my “Old Houses Pictures” from Russia, Saratov!

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2 Responses to Old Houses Pictures. Russia, Saratov

  1. eM says:

    It’s a pity that those houses are in such a condition. There are many crumbling places with no hope, no chance to be restored. But they form a unique, particular scenery :)

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