Pancake Week in Russia – Maslenitsa

Hi everyone, I’m still in Lisbon in Portugal, enjoying my vacation. But in Russia today is the first day of pancake week called Maslenitsa. Last year I posted few articles about this celebration for each day with traditions and even a pancake recipe, please read my posts below.

Maslenitsa – Russian tradition, “Meeting day”, day 1

beautiful pancakes

Lace Pancakes

Maslenitsa – Russian tradition, “Playing Day”,  day 2

Maslenitsa, pancakes, russian tradition, russian

Maslenitsa – Russian tradition, day 3. Pancake recipe.

russian, pancake, traditiona, custom, recipe, ingridients

Maslenitsa – day 4 and Men’s Day in Russia

pancakes, russian, russia

Maslenitsa – day 5. Russian jokes about mothers-in-law

Maslenitsia, russian tradition, russian

Maslenitsa – day 6, interesting facts and records

pancakes, russian

Maslenitsa – day 7. Forgiveness Sunday in Russia, end of Maslenitsa

russian pancakes

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