Trip to Portugal. Part 1. Train to Moscow

My trip to Portugal begins with a train from my hometown in Russia to Moscow ( from there I’ll fly to London, pack my bags and fly to Lisbon Portugal)!

As usual, we booked a sleeping compartment for 2 people (price in February 2013 was 4000 rubles per person – about $130) . The length of the journey is about 16 hours. The train was renovated since our last trip.

In this video I show you what the train to Moscow looks like inside.

Trip to Portugal. Part 1. Train to Moscow photo images

train to Moscow

Our train to Moscow from my hometown

Russian Train sleeping compartment

Our sleeping compartment

Russian train

Glasses for tea

Russian train hallway

The hallway in our carriage

Russian train Hot water tab

Hot water tab for drinking

See you soon, thank you :-)

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