Trip to Portugal. Part 3. From London to Lisbon

Trip to Portugal. Part 3. Driving to the Heathrow Airport. Flight to Lisbon, Portugal

Day 3 of my journey to Portugal. So, in Russia I travelled to Moscow from my hometown, from Moscow we flew back to England where I spent just one day packing my suitcases for the trip to Portugal.

Our flight to Lisbon was at around 20:00 pm but we hit the road earlier to avoid traffic.

At Heathrow airport (Terminal 3) again we spent some time in British Airways Business Lounge.

We flew to Lisbon with BA. Our flight was delayed by 1 hour but we were upgraded to Business class.

British Airways London to Lisbon flight

In flight dinner (beef), BA flight from London to Lisbon (business class)

In flight dinner BA London to Lisbon

This is mine in flight dinner (fish), BA from London to Lisbon (business class)

In about 2 hours we landed in Lisbon, Portugal!!!

From the airport we took the cab to the Rossio Square.

And in 20 minutes we arrived to our apartment. Finally we could have some rest.

Now my adventure in Portugal begins!



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